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Behavioral Visual Therapy

After an evaluation of visual efficiency and binocular tests, we will identify any visual skills that are not performing well and may be causing symptoms. Sometimes these skills can be improved by correcting certain habits, or by prescribing glasses with ophthalmic or performance lenses, and in other cases, visual therapy treatment may be recommended. In some cases, especially when there is a learning disorder or if you have suffered brain injuries or cognitive deficiencies, it will provide us with more information to perform a visual perception evaluation before starting treatment.

Visual therapy focuses on the idea that effective vision is more than just having good visual acuity. Our goal will be to carry out a series of personalized exercises guided by a trained and experienced optometrist, focused on improving your visual skills and other related aspects, such as eye-hand coordination, laterality, and correct processing of visual information.

As part of your treatment, we will also evaluate primitive reflexes related to vision and provide exercises and guidelines to properly integrate them. We will be with you throughout the process, working together to achieve improvement in your visual and overall quality of life.

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Improve your vision with Visual Therapy

At Amati Óptica Clínica, we take pride in providing individualized vision therapy programs tailored to the visual needs of each of our patients. All our programs are designed by trained and experienced optometrists to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.

Moreover, we have the most advanced technology to make vision therapy more effective and enjoyable for our patients. We also offer online and/or at-home vision therapy treatments for greater convenience and accessibility.

¿Do you need visual therapy?

Behavioral vision therapy can be beneficial in cases of focusing problems, inadequate eye movements, binocular dysfunctions, visual perception problems, eye-hand coordination problems, learning difficulties related to vision, brain injuries, neurological disorders, and other conditions that affect the visual system and can interfere with an individual’s visual performance in their daily life.

After evaluation by a qualified optometrist, it will be determined if behavioral vision therapy is appropriate for the case, as well as the most appropriate therapeutic approach for their specific visual needs.

What is the usual duration of a visual therapy program?

The visual therapy program may vary in terms of the time needed to complete it, depending on the problem and goals of each patient. Once the dysfunction is diagnosed, the specialist will establish the therapy goals and estimate the time needed to achieve them. During the program, periodic evaluations are carried out to check progress and adjust initial estimates if necessary.

It is important that the exercises are repeated both in office sessions and home sessions so that the trained skills are automated and become part of the patient’s daily life. This will help improve the results obtained with visual therapy.

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Rent our therapy room

At Clínica Amati, we also offer Therapy Room rental for professionals such as speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and other related professionals. Our Therapy Room is a multidisciplinary space that can be rented by the hour or by the day. We offer a clean, safe, and comfortable space equipped with the best technology to ensure the best care for patients.

Cognitive Materials and Games

In our online store, you will also find a wide variety of visual material products and cognitive games for Visual Therapy. From cognitive games and sheets to tools for working on visual perception, all at competitive prices.
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